What is the program you have with Pathways? What is Pathways?

Pathways VT is a national nonprofit committed to getting people off the street and into homes.

Three Chimney began working with Pathways in the summer of 2017, donating a weekly share of food to their community center in the Old North End. Since then, our relationship has grown through the development of our farm share program.

Each week we deliver a large share of high quality produce to their Soteria House for residents to enjoy. This program is part of our goal to increase food access to community members, because we think everyone deserves to eat healthy, farm-fresh foods.

Why don’t you have a CSA?

The CSA model has its benefits, and we think it’s great for people who have the money, the time and energy, and the consistency in their schedules to use it. But, we know a lot of people struggle to fit this into their lives. So, we thought, why not do something different?

Our goal is to change the way consumers access local food, through a model that is designed around convenience and flexibility. We provide an experience unlike any other, which ultimately results in the enjoyment of the highest quality, hand curated veggies, without any long-term commitments.

How long is your season?

Our farm runs for a little over 20 weeks, from the beginning of June until late in October. 

Are Three Chimney vegetables organic?

We only use organic growing methods, although we are not certified organic. All of our seeds are organic and we never use chemical sprays.  We pride ourselves on our keyline agroforestry design & regenerative agriculture practices, which are way beyond organic.

What is Three Chimney Farm?

Three Chimney Farm is a small, craft veggie farm in Charlotte, VT which incorporates agroforestry techniques. Our business operates largely through our e-commerce shop, which allows users to order as much produce as they wish on a commitment-free basis. We deliver weekly to the public at Foam Brewers, Switchback Brewing, and Zero Gravity Brewery.

We are a tiny team, dedicated to improving various gaps within our local food system. We aim to bring value and excitement to eating fresh vegetables through our process of specialty curating and labeling of our produce.

Who is allowed to order from Three Chimney Farm? How does this work?

Three Chimney Farm is servicing all of the Burlington area! We offer three pickup locations: the waterfront at Foam Brewers, in the south end at Switchback Brewing, and on Pine St at Zero Gravity Brewery.

To get your food, simply visit the “Get Produce” page any day of the week. Select what you like, and choose where you want to pick it up. All we ask is that orders are placed 24 hours prior to your chosen delivery date. (If you forget to place an order, we also have pop-up farm stands at each of our locations on the day-of)!

We are not a CSA, therefore there is no commitment to use us on a weekly basis, although we’d love for you to stick around! If you want to receive our food each week without hand-selecting items, then subscribe to our “Whole Enchilada,” a box of the most fresh & abundant produce on the farm each week. You can start & stop the subscription at any time.