Subscriptions 2020

Support A Local Farm & Plan Food Security

Supporting a local businesses has never been more important than it is today. With all the uncertainly in the world, a farm-share is a great way to guarantee fresh and healthy produce all summer long for you and your family. 

We Have Two Options To Keep It Simple

Each week we will pick the best of what our farm has to offer. A subscription is a great option for people who want to have a recurring veggie pickup, paid for weekly. You can start and stop at any time, so there’s no food (or money) going to waste, even if you’re away for a week or two in the summer!

Small Share

This will usually contain 4-6 different types of veggies and is suitable for 1-2 people

Large Share

This will usually contain 6-10 different types of veggies and is suitable for 3-4 people.

How We’re Different From A CSA?

Our farm produces over 100 different varieties of vegetables. Many of which you’ll never find at the local Co-Op or the Farmers Market. We supply some of Burlington’s finest restaurants and are part of the Vermont Fresh Network in 2019.  

Our biggest difference from a normal CSA is there’s no commitment on the end of the customer and are shares are tailored to minimize food waste. Our model is pay-as-you-go. We don’t charge upfront fee’s to join (some CSA’s can be quite expensive), you can skip anytime, and we have many local pick-up options.

How To Sign-Up:

We are only accepting a limited number of subscriptions for this summer. Since we don’t collect payments until the week of your first order, the only way to “Sign-up” is to RSVP your spot on our program. You will not be billed until the first week of June, when pick-up and drop-offs will begin.  

Click the link below to pick-out your subscription size and secure your spot for veggies this summer!