Three Chimney Farm is a homestead in Charlotte, VT which uses regenerative agriculture techniques. Regenerative agriculture is a method of growing food which sequesters carbon and increases the health of the land on which food is grown.

We are a small team, dedicated to improve various gaps and problems within the food system. In addition to our growing practices, we follow a business model to improve the lives of our customers through the nutrition of our vegetables, the convenience of our website and delivery platform, and the joys in developing our community.


Three Chimney Farm is servicing all of the Burlington area! We offer private delivery on Thursdays to select businesses in Burlington area, in addition to a public delivery option at Foam Brewers on Wednesdays. There is no subscription or minimum amount required, so if you just want to order one time, that’s fine!

If you work with one of the private organizations we collaborate with, select your office as the delivery site when you checkout.

If you don’t work with one of the private businesses, we offer a public delivery service on Wednesday evenings at Foam Brewers! Simply select “Foam” as your delivery site on the checkout page to have your order available for pick-up on Wednesday evening.

The CSA (if you’re unfamiliar, here’s what it is), has many benefits. We think it is a great model for people who have the money, have the time and energy, the curiosity, and the consistency. But, we know a lot of people don’t fit into that mold. So, we thought, why compete with all the other amazing VT farms that have been using this method for so long and do so well, when there is a whole other group of people that want local food too, but just can’t do a full CSA?!

That’s where we got the idea: combine the boom of technology and e-commerce with farming. We are helping to pave a new way for the next generation to support their local farmer. If you like to travel in the summer, if you eat out, if you hate food waste, or don’t want to mess with non-standard veggies (everyone says rutabaga, but we think it should be a standard…but whatever)  then this is the model for you! No commitments, no big hassle or headache. Just the veggies you want, if and when, you want them.

We deliver to the public at Foam on Wednesday evenings from 5-7 pm. If you are a member of one of our workspaces, we deliver on Thursdays between 3-5 pm.

The website is open for weekly orders on Monday and Tuesday. We do this so we can stay organized and keep proper track of our inventory each week. If you miss the order window, not to worry! We will have extra produce for sale on Wednesday evenings at Foam from 5-7, so come on down, grab some veggies, grab a beer, and celebrate the middle of the week!

Pathways VT is a nonprofit committed to getting people off the street and into homes. They have branches throughout the country, aiming to combat homelessness and the dangers it brings.

Three Chimney started donating excess produce to Pathways in the summer of 2017, and since then we have decided to strengthen our relationship. We’ve formed a community-centered farm share with them, through which we will bring one of their residential homes a huge box of veggies to cook with each week. This program is part of our goal to increase food access to community members, because we think everyone deserves to eat healthy, farm-fresh foods.

The program is funded through Pathways VT, and offered by Three Chimney at a reduced rate to ensure that it is feasible for Pathways. If you wish to help support this program (which hopefully can be scaled up and replicated), then please make a donation on the checkout page.

We are happy to invite you to visit our farm, but we do ask that you send us a message beforehand to make sure we are available to show you around.

Our farm is not certified organic, however we only use organic growing methods. All of our seeds are organic and we never use chemical sprays. Ever. We pride ourselves on Keyline Agroforestry & Regenerative Agriculture practices, which are way Beyond Organic.

Our farm season is 21 weeks long, running from the beginning of June until late in October. We are working on partnering with larger producers to continue our deliveries into late Fall.