Who We Are

Who We Are

Three Chimney Farm is a small-scale regenerative farm in Charlotte, Vermont. 

Our vegetable plots produce an abundance of crops, both familiar and unique to Vermont’s typical small farm. We focus on quality and taste, along with intention to improve both human and environmental health. A keyline design of fruit and nut trees surround our fields, which, in a few years, will blossom into a beautiful orchard. 

We want to improve the customer’s experience of buying food directly from farmers, and we’ve done so with the development of our online store. Through our partnership with local workspaces and a local brewery, we are able to provide community members with convenient weekly deliveries without any long-term commitment. Using tried tools, new technology, and innovative thinking, we are building the farm for a new generation.

Three Chimney Farm is run by Tim and Danielle Wall and Sara Jean Whelan.

Tim Wall
Tim & Danielle are the owners of Three Chimney Farm. In addition to spending his time out in the field, Tim is also an advisor to the digital marketing and analytics company AdRizer as well as the beverage company SAP!. When she’s not caring for the chicken and ducks, Danielle is studying for Medical School at UVM.
Sara Jean Whelan
Director of Operations
Sara Jean has spent several years in organic production farming, and now leads the daily operations at Three Chimney Farm. She also serves as both the Youth Network Director and Snail of Approval Director on the board of Slow Food Vermont.
Harry Greene
Agroforestry Design
Harry used his years of experience in agroforestry and sustainable business operations to design the fruit and nut orchard at Three Chimney. He is the founder of 100 Years of Sun and a partner at Propagate Ventures.
Pat O'Shea
Head of Special Projects

Our resident Vermonter. Pat loves to find new uses out of discarded machinery/objects.  He helped build our salad spinner (converting a washing machine) as well as our two grain threshers (rye thresher & wheat thresher.)